Do you want more profits, time and pleasure?

Are you SME-entrepreneur in Manufacturing, Technology or Construction?
* do you want to increase your company profits and value in short time?
* are you aware that you impossibly can know and do everything yourself?
* do you want to spend more time on areas that will give you more pleasure?

Are you in lack of time for:
* problem solution, performance improvement and business development?
* concrete improvements of your company operations and competitive position?
* spending your time and money on areas that you value as the most important in life?

Then invite us for a free discussion without obligations about:
* your situation, issues, ideas, wishes, plans and perspective
* your options to improve your company and make it more successfull 
* the high returns you can earn in short time, both in business and in private

Even if in your company all issues (seem to) go well:
* a fresh approach from outside always appears to generate new ideas
* often important developments, performance improvements and growth are possible
* this can be advantageous for you and your customers, employees, vendors and financers

     Your road to success: Work smarter, not harder, in ànd on your enterprise

Some facts about Small and Medium Sized (SME-) companies in the Netherlands:
Management and ownership by entrepreneur who work for own profit & loss and risk.
Maximum of 250 employees per company (definitionss: 0-50 small, 50-250 medium sized).
Includes 99% of all companies, with 58% of all employment in the market sector. 
Includes 58% of the total turnover of all companies in the market sector.