Company profile Tuman Business Advice

Mission: To reinforce make-companies

Tuman Business Advice helps entrepreneurs in Industry, Technology and Construction with Practical Advice that Wórks! to improve their operating results to create more returns, time and pleasure for themselves.

Proven expertise with provable results
Realized large profit increases of clients in short time prove that Tuman Business Advice accelerates problem solving, performance increase and business development by use of high value business knowledge and broad hands-on practical experience in the make-industry.

Added value by effective & efficient cooperation
The large added value for entrepreneurs comes from structured cooperation with a clear focus on people & orginization, control & development and processes & techniques. 
For clients this means:
    • Quick insight in your operations 
    • Management on numbers ánd motivation 
    • Good communication on all organizational levels  
    • Our advises being realized in your concrete practice  
    • Short payback time on your investment in our services.  
                                           For creative thinkers no borders exist